Magna Pool

Magna Pools

“It’s all about the water”
Water is one of our earth’s most precious resources.
We need water to sustain life and the natural processes of our environment.
We use water daily in the home.
We use water for industry.
We use water for pools and for play.

MagnaPool™ is a unique swimming pool system designed around saving water with a focus on health, beauty and the environment.
MagnaPool™ is like no other pool system on the market today, designed to make pool ownership pleasurable and simple with forward thinking design. MagnaPool™ offers technologies and innovations of tomorrow, here for you today.
The essence of MagnaPool™ lies within its patent pending MagnaPool™ Minerals. These Minerals consist of essential elements such as Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Chloride which are both superior to traditional Sodium Chloride found in traditional pool sanitisers.

Diamond Kleen is a unique filtration media made from 100% recycled fused silicon dioxide and acts as the healthier alternative to silica sand and zeolite by reducing bacteria growth within the filter tank. The MagnaPool™ Generator has been designed specifically for the chlorination of MagnaPool™ Mineral enriched water along with the MagnaStream™ and MagnaForce™ pumps.  Together, these unique products create MagnaPool™.