Aboveground pools

Blue Wave Pools is a company that was born in 1998. It is a company that is family run and we have many years of experience in putting in above ground pools. Our company has a great experience and we just love to satisfy our customers with whatever kind of above ground pool they desire to purchase.

We strive to make your experience a great one. We want our pools to be maintenance free for you. Not only will we install the pool of your dreams, but also we will give you the technology to maintain it.
We want to give you the time to enjoy your pool while making it virtually maintenance free. We pay attention to every detail to make your experience a wonderful one. This is also the way that we are able to increase the time that your pool lasts before some ground maintenance is needed.

This is the way that you can enjoy your pool and spend less time cleaning it and maintaining it.

So call us and we can assist you in choosing the best pool for your yard. Also we can help you choose which services you will need in the years to come. In this way, the pool in your yard can be enjoyed by you and maintained by our company and our knowledgeable technicians.

Can you imagine yet another long, hot summer of packing the family and the esky in the car, battling the traffic and thousands of others for just a few hours of relief at the beach or the local pool? Sterns Pools – simply the best!

Why not take the plunge this summer? Why not set up a beach in your own backyard? A tropical paradise – an oasis, with the best Australia can offer – A Stern’s Pool.

A Stern’s Pool could open a pandora’s box of opportunities for you and your family. Just think, an early morning dip to liven up those lazy muscles, total enjoyment and healthy exercise for all the family.
You can share the pool with friends for all round entertainment, or maybe a quiet relaxing plunge after a hard day’s work! You’ll wonder how you managed without it! And what’s more, it’s a sensible and economical alternative to an inground pool.

A Stern’s Pool represents a great deal of careful thought and consideration to create a product that looks both appealing and is highly functional in its use.

A wide ‘exclusive’ non-slip top coping carefully shaped with no sharp edges for safety for you and your family is a standard feature. Quality BHP Galvanised Steel is used ensuring a Stern’s Pool is maintenance free and durable. A heavy duty wall and heavy duty UV stabilised liner is standard – NOT AN EXTRA COST OPTION.